Zach Edwards was raised in Big Lake, Texas, where he was exposed to plenty of George Strait, Waylon Jennings and AC/DC.  As he debuts this new CD singing honky-tonk and redneck anthems, it is not a surprise that he was sneaking into country bars at age 16.  His hard-driving & edgy sound combines different styles of country and rock, making Zach's "Cowboy Crew" CD a strong style of Texas Country Music.   He had some great players on his "Cowboy Crew" project that include: all players of Darren Kozelsky's Band, Aaron, Seth, Jeremy & Chris, Roger Dale Ray of Jason Boland & The Stragglers and Joey Green.  The CD was recorded, mixed and mastered at NOMAD Recording Studio in Carrolton, TX and produced by Barry Saling.

The first release from his new CD (coming out early in 2007) "You Look Better on MySpace" is truly identifiable with the MySpace Generation.  It expresses the feelings that we all have when surfing through the site wondering what that person is "really" like.
At age 11, Zach signed up for band class and began to read music and play the trumpet in junior high school.  By the time he was in high school, he competed at the state level and captivated audiences with his impressive solos.  In 1994, now a sophomore in college, Zach picked up the guitar and knew his musical career was destined to continue.  By 2001, he was writing original lyrics and composing original music.
"This whole experience has been a lot of work, but an absolute blast," Zach says.  "Working with all of the guys in the studio was a lot of fun.  Darren's band is very talented, not to mention, I was a little nervous when Roger Ray came out to record the steel guitar part."
Zach enjoys writing music by himself as well as co-writing with other people (not necessarily artists).  "Co-writing keeps an artist's songs original from each other.  If you write ALL of your own music by yourself, your song-style and arrangement is too familiar.  If you write with other people, each song sets itself apart from the others," Zach expresses.  "Of course, there are exceptions," he adds.  
We thank all fans for contributing to our success and supporting our music!! 
Keep calling your local stations that play Texas Country "Cowboy Up"!!!

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